There are many website where you can publish your ebook besides Amazon’s Kindle Store such as Barnes & Noble’s Nook Store and Apple’s iBookStore.

While I plan on broadening the distribution of my ebooks, Amazon’s Kindle Store is currently my priority.

It’s not that I a loyal to Amazon; I don’t even have a Kindle.

It’s not that I am one for those Apple haters – I love my iPhone and have a Kindle app on it.

The reason I am going to focus my attention on publishing for the Kindle is simply due to the numbers and its market share.

Amazon & Kindle Marketshare

How many Barnes & Noble’s Nooks do your friends, family and coworkers own?

Compare that to the number of Amazon Kindles that you see.

I, for one, rarely see anyone with a Nook. I even bought my fiancé a Kindle a couple of years ago.  At work, I only see people carry their Kindle. I can’t even remember the last time I saw someone with a Nook.

While finding exact numbers are hard to do, a 2011 article stated that the Kindle owns 67% of the ereader market in the U.S. with the Nook trailing at 22%.

The same article also gave credit for 58% of all ebook sales (Amazon announce they owned 70-80% in June 2010).  That is huge when you compare it to the 22% of Barnes & Nobles and 9% of Apple.

Amazon is Where the Money Is

The articles that I cite here might be a year old or older at the time that I published this pos, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Kindle is still leading the ereader war and Amazon is working towards overall marketshare domination.

It is hard to find exact numbers, but you can search the internet all night long and you will come to the same conclusion as I have: Amazon’s Kindle is where the money is when it comes to publishing your ebook.

I am in no way saying that you shouldn’t publishing for other brand’s devices. After all, that will only give you maximum exposure and increase your revenue. And I plan to publish my books at Barnes & Nobles and iBookStore.  However, the numbers don’t lie. So at this time, I will focus on releasing my ebooks for the Kindle for the time being.

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