Instagram is only ten years old, and it has more than 1 billion users. This is not a record, but a very impressive result. Nowadays, Instagram has become not only a place where you can post photos and videos. This is a whole social platform where some people promote others, share their cool creations, or just follow the lives of friends, acquaintances or stars.

As in any other social network, there are favorites and leaders in the number of publications and followers. What is the secret of such interest? Everything is quite simple: a beautiful life attracts people, and it is also very nice to look behind the scenes and see how your idol lives, how he looks without a stage black. Therefore, so popular photo stars without makeup and in ordinary clothes. Thanks to Instagram fans, finally got the opportunity to learn the smallest details about their idols.

Who has the most followers on Instagram? There are no politicians or scientists in the top list of the most followed Instagram accounts. The top lines of the world rank are occupied by representatives of pop culture, football players and glamorous divas.

Who is the most famous person on Instagram?

The absolute champion in the number of followers is the official page of Instagram. This is the first registered account that has 306 million fans who are among the first to learn about the innovations of the social network, the results of competitions and flash mobs. On the Instagram page, users of the resource can learn about trending and expensive viral marketing campaigns.

However, we need to leave this account outside the rating. Because to compete in terms of popularity in the social network with its Creator, at least not fair.

But let us go back to our rating. Without taking into account the developer's page, it looks like this.

1. CRISTIANO RONALDO ( 176 million followers)


Christiano has the highest number of followers on Instagram – 176 million followers! He does not complain about the lack of attention, because his Instagram is filled with photos from the football field and in the family. Well, the girls will be interesting to see: a lot of photos with an inflated torso. A picture of a footballer, made after the birth of her daughter, received 11.3 million likes and occupies the 1st place among the popular photos on Instagram. Also, Cristiano Ronaldo — the most famous person of the social network Facebook, which, incidentally, is distinguished by its strict and selective audience.

2. ARIANA GRANDE (160 million followers)


Ariana Grande is a singer, composer, songwriter, film actress. At the age of 24, Ariana managed to try herself in many areas, but the beginning of her career is associated with the popular Broadway musical "13". The life of the star is watched by 160 million users. Ariana is able to masterfully copy the voices of other people, which she demonstrates in her account. Grande still does not have any formed stage image, Instagram users are actively involved in its creation. And what's more interesting, it often publishes custom collages on itself. Most often, these are videos, but there are also photos.

3. SELENA GOMEZ (153 million followers)


Answer the question: “Who has the most followers on Instagram?”, we said, that this is Cristiano Ronaldo. But Selena took the first stage many times before. In 2015, her account was followed by 69 million users, today, 153 million. Spectacular breakthrough, which had an impact on the cost of advertising in her profile. Advertising post in exchange for the largest number of followers on Instagram is estimated at 550 million dollars – also an undisputed record. She has already achieved great popularity, becoming both a singer, actress, composer, songwriter, model and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. The combination of filming, songwriting, and active performances in front of the audience affected the health of the singer. Initially, it was simple physical exhaustion and then passed into lupus. The fight against the disease has only increased her popularity. And her Instagram account serves as a demonstration of how you can always look great, no matter what.

4. DWAYNE JOHNSON (150 million followers)


Mr. Johnson made a name in the wrestling ring, winning a huge number of awards and collecting an impressive list of achievements. And then actually repeated all the way again, this time achieving success as an actor and artist, combining impressive physical power and professional charisma. The health-giving "Rock" has many friends and fans – judging by the profile on Instagram, he does not consider it is difficult for him to be photographed with them on stage, in the gym, on the street, etc.

5. KIM KARDASHIAN (144 million followers)


The number of followers to the account of American model and actress Kimberly Noel Kardashian has already reached 144 million. Kardashian is not so much a star, she is a businesswoman, an idol of female appearance and glamour for many fans.

6. KYLIE JENNER (140 million followers)


140 million followers of the account of the young model expected something different. Kylie, being younger than her sister Kim, is not inferior to her in their number - 140 million, but the methods and purposes of using the service Instagram two ex-participants of the show "Kardashian Family" are identical. If you want to follow the news from around the Bohemian community and a rising star career, perhaps this is not a bad choice.

7. BEYONCE (129 million followers)


Beyonce is familiar to all fans of the style of R'n'B. Almost during 20 years of her career, she has released 6 Studio albums that thundered around the world. Therefore, the account of the star is followed by not only compatriots, but also residents of Europe, Asia, and CIS countries. Their number has already crossed the mark of 129 million users. Beyonce is considered the most scandalous singer of our time. Her albums were sold for millions of copies. Besides, there is no room on the awards wall. She is constantly under the gun cameras. And Instagram is the best tool to cover her life. Soon, to the question “who has the most followers on Instagram”, we will answer her name. Mark my words!

8. LEO MESSI (125 million followers)


The owner of a truly countless number of sports achievements, a permanent resident of the tops of football rankings, a constant contender for the title of the best football player of all time for many years. Also, he has one of the most popular Instagram. In his account, in the social service, Messi publishes photos with friends, family, and pictures from different countries.

9. NEYMAR (122 million followers)


In the bio of Instagram account of Neymar says "I love football". Apparently, this feeling is well known and 122 million people following the page of the striker of the French club "Paris Saint-Germain" and the captain of the national team of Brazil. This young, but certainly talented and well-known to fans Brazilian football player, and one of the Instagram celebrities, publishes in his account photos and videos related to his career, advertising campaigns, pictures with fans.

10. TAYLOR SWIFT (119 million followers)


Her account has more than 119 million followers. She is known as singer, actress, and songwriter. She is happy to share with them her photos, many of which are pictures from concerts. She does not forget to share with followers photos with her favorite furry cat. Fans loved the singer not only for her talent but also for her attitude to them – she loves all her fans as much as they love her. She often responds to private messages in Direct, and is always happy to be photographed on the street with their fans. She is very open and kind.

11. JUSTIN BIEBER (115 million followers)


Infamous for his teenage antics amid intoxication from early fame, the Canadian singer-songwriter in the R&B genre has not lost popularity in certain circles, and he is the most famous person on Instagram. To his credit – many copies sold albums, several awards, starring in films and participation in the show. Contrary to popular belief, Bieber is not entirely a product of "factories of pop-culture", the young man possesses vast natural musical talents.

12. NICKI MINAJ (104 million followers)


She was born in a dysfunctional family and came the way from the teenager to the rap star. Nicki gained popularity through work and cooperation with famous artists, showmen, and businessmen. Currently ranked in the top 30 richest rap artists, her songs persistently make their way to the top of the charts. It is vital for a star to maintain interest in her person, which is the subject of her personal page on Instagram.

13. MILEY CYRUS (95,8 million followers)


Miley is infamous for her teenage behavior. Fans still remember her antics at concerts and public events – when you are at the beginning of the creative path, all means of attracting attention are good. 24-year-old singer is still experimenting with music genres, combines work with Disney studios and world tours.

14. KATY PERRY (83,8 million followers)


A regular of foreign charts, the owner of a solid list of nominations for various awards in the music business, and a popular singer. Among the highest paid, including cooperation with well-known brands. According to Forbes, the total income of Perry in 2016 exceeded $135 million.

15. KEVIN HART (77 million followers)


Mr.Hart is known as a producer, a talented actor of the comedy genre with a solid filmography, an experienced screenwriter. But first of all, he is a guru of the genre of pop art "stand-up". And his popular profile on Instagram artist competently uses to advertise future shows, running new jokes and promote joint projects with other popular artists.

16. ELLEN DEGENERES (74,7 million followers)


Instagram famous comedian and actress Ellen DeGeneres named after her sparkling show, for which she received her 11 awards "Emmy". On her page a lot of videos with jokes, scenes with celebrities. What else can you expect from a comedian? That is charged millions of followers in a good mood with DeGeneres.

17. RIHANNA (73,2 million followers)


Rihanna Is a famous singer. She has 60 million singles and 20 million more albums. The winner of the title "Artist of the digital era of the 2000s", 8 Grammy awards, she is assigned the 17th place in the list of the best performers of the past decade. Well, the fact that Rihanna is an honorary Ambassador of the culture of Barbados, her historical homeland, 73 million followers to know is not necessary – and so there is, for what to visit the page.

18. DAVID BECKHAM (57,3 million followers)


David Beckham's active football career ended more than 10 years ago. Nevertheless, he remains in plain sight. Today he is developing his brand. His wife, Victoria Adams, revealed a different potential of her husband. The content of his page can be described simply: “family”, “stars next to me”, “I'm in a new exotic country”.

The rating is invariably headed by players, actors, pop stars. For several years, the TOP remains predictable: only sometimes the stars overtake each other by several million followers, making small adjustments to the list. At the same time, media people earn hundreds of thousands of dollars on advertising posts.

Final word

One popular science project, a few big names from the world of sports and no politics. If we evaluate social service as a cross-section of the cultural needs of mankind, it is obvious that today we are interested in music, glamour, football, bohemian gossip and the skills of professional designers and you use Instagram.

Social network Instagram is used daily by more than 500 million users. Some of them just communicate with friends and publish photos, while others prefer to earn with your account. In any case, the indicator of success is the number of followers. And it is not surprising that celebrities have much more than ordinary people. So, answering the question: “Who has the most followers on Instagram?”, we answer with confidence that this is Cristiano Ronaldo.

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