Why did you start an online business?

Ok, so this might sound like a dumb question. Obviously you started your online business to make money. That isn’t what I meant.

What was your mindset when you started contemplating starting your website?

People do things for different reasons. The outcome might be the same, but the meaning and reasoning is completely different.

Here are some reasons why you might want to start your online business.

A Part-Time Revenue Source

This is actually the reason why I wanted to have an online business when I started messing around with websites over 10 years ago.

I didn’t want to quit my job at the time. To be honest, I was skeptical at having a successful online business. Good thing too because at the time I didn’t make enough to cover the expenses of the domain name and hosting.

I was looking for a extra source of cash flow. I had some debt that I wanted to take care of and thought that the internet could help me supplement my income a bit and help me pay it off.

Another reason is, as crazy as it might sound, that some people actually like their job. I know crazy, huh?

Other people might not like their job as much as the like the benefits of their job. Though I really don’t hate my job, it is the benefits were the main attraction in finding a steady full-time job.

I was unemployed or partial unemployed for the better part of two years. I was trying to make this online thing a full-time gig, but getting to that point in this business takes time. You aren’t going to be an instant success.

While surviving on unemployment, I was looking to buy my girlfriend an engagement ring and start a new chapter in my life.

The current state of my life requires a bit of stability and that is what I have with my current job. My job provides me paid vacation time (which I can use to focus on my online business), a retirement savings, health care and a steady paycheck that more than covers my everyday expenses.

I am not saying that I won’t ever take the plunge into full-time internet publisher. It has always been a dream of mine to be my own boss. But at this moment in time, this works best for me.

Full-Time Business

This is probably the most popular reason why people start an internet business. They are sick of the rat race and want to be their own boss.

It seemed like a pipedream to me years ago, but there are many people doing it. I know because, whether they know it or not, they are the ones that have guided me to where I am today.

Working fulltime as an internet publisher provides a certain amount of flexibility to your life. All you need is a laptop and you can work from virtually anywhere.

Also, there are so many tools that automate your business that your site could be working for you while you are on vacation.

One of my favorite bloggers, David Risley at Blog Marketing Academy, has done this on multiple occasions. He simply sets up a launch or promotion before leaving on vacation by creating his blog posts, email messages and sales page prior to his departure. His autoresponder send emails to his list at preset times, his blog publishes his post when it is set to and his sales page is ready to process any sales that comes in.

Yes, working online full-time seems sexy and a lot of fun, but it hard work. It is an actual business that must be operated as such.  Unfortunately, nothing in life is truly “set it and forget it.”

Self-Need & Passion

Another reason people start an online business is solely because they found a need for something that they are passionate in.

They might not have intended their site to make a single bit of money, or even gain traction and receive a ton of traffic.

This is how another internet marketer that I follow found his way to creating a full-time career online. Pat Flynn, at the Smart Passive Income Blog, created his first site to help him and some of his colleagues pass an exam that would have helped them advance in their careers.

Pat’s site soon took off traffic wise because others were looking to do the same thing. He monetized it by creating and selling a study guide, and he quickly saw revenue coming in.

Pat’s self-need and passion in advancing his career actually became the basis of his online business after he was laid off from the job that he was taking the exam for. Instead of having to worry about his next job he focused on creating online revenue streams and never looked back.

Isn’t funny how some things work out?

Do you have a unique reason to why you started an online business? I would love to hear about or anything else that you have to say about working online in the comments below.

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