how to build a private blog network

How to Build a Cheap & Profitable Private Blog Network

We all know that we need backlinks to our sites. And there are many tools that can be used to help up with this task, as well as services. But, after Penguin 2.1, we need to be thinking even more about quality as well as control. My own private blog network is part of my long-term strategy. The characteristics... [Read More]

Internet Marketing & SEO

How Social Media, Content and SEO Combine for Long-Term Internet Marketing Success

I was having an Skype chat with someone about the site we both work on. This person has an old-school marketing approach. He built and sold a successful off-line business. After he retired, he focused 100% on internet/email marketing and, by profit, is extremely successful. And when I say successful,... [Read More]


13 Lucky Reasons Why You Should Publish a Kindle Book

If you’re like many bloggers out there, you probably have a plethora of posts (or at least a list of future post) written on a specific topic or niche. Have you ever thought of publishing a Kindle Book? Most authors publish books because that is what they do. They simply publish their books in hopes... [Read More]

Make money online

Why Start an Online Business?

Why did you start an online business? Ok, so this might sound like a dumb question. Obviously you started your online business to make money. That isn’t what I meant. What was your mindset when you started contemplating starting your website? People do things for different reasons. The outcome might... [Read More]

Postman with envelope and e-mail sign

Two Ways to Build Your Email List With Your Kindle Readers

We all know how important it is to build our lists. It is so important that we spend good money for an email marketing service, spend hours creating a quality free product to entice visitors to become subscribers and spend even more time creating an autoresponder sequence and broadcast messages to keep... [Read More]

Marketing and strategy

How To Use A Kindle Book for Marketing

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I am all about using a Kindle Book as a marketing tool. This was the primary reason I published my first book for the Kindle. Originally I didn’t care about the number of sales. Whether I sold one a month or 10, I was just trying to get the word about my website... [Read More]

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