In today's world, you can make decisions about what would you like to buy and how to do it with just a few mouse clicks. Finding every essential thing, choosing among lots of proposals and finally sending and paying for that thing. You can do this using a PC. If you have no idea what is the web-marketing – this article is for you.

First of all, you can tell the world about your products and services using TV, announcements in the newspaper, billboards on the street and stickers in the subway. But the fastest and the easiest way to inform buyers about actual information is through the Internet. Particularly, according to the statistic report, the amount of active internet users in 2018 is more than 4 milliards.

Also, the Internet has some advantages that make it more popular. For example, it allows concerned people to link to messages that contain some information about things and services. Moreover, it allows to change the concept of advertising and to see the reaction of potential clients.

Among that the Global network has some specific things. For example, the Internet has a great scope of unimportant information. For this purpose, the most essential thing is to pay and maintain the attention of the buyers on the products and services of the companies instead of sending them common messages about these things. For achieving this aim you can use the methods of internet marketing.

What is web-marketing?

The web-marketing is the sort of marketing aimed at reporting the information about products and services to buyers using the digital channels. It focuses on creating and supporting the long-time relationship with buyers. In the framework of the marketing companies on the Internet, information about products and services can be distributed through websites, search engines, emails, and social networking.

The Global Network

The main benefits of the web-marketing are:

  1. the broad information channel with the possibility to communicate with the audience;
  2. targeting – the ability to target an appeal to a certain part of the audience;
  3. possibility of quick and rapid analysis of the reaction of the audience;
  4. prompt response – the possibility of rapid adjustment of communication;
  5. measurability of the effectiveness of funds spent on Internet marketing through post-analysis;
  6. interactivity – the ability to engage in communication the target audience;
  7. creation and constant updating of the database of buyers.

The aims of the web-marketing

Properly formulated advertising campaign allows not only to make the product known to potential buyers but also to create among them a society of people who will hold on to the brand for a long time.

According to this, the efforts of internet marketing specialists are oriented to:

  • attracting new clients;
  • creating and supporting customer feelings of brand loyalty.

For achieving each of these aims you need to use one of the following methods:

  • Creating the most convenient website for clients.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Email marketing which means messages distribution for returning customers as well as potential customers.
  • Writing the press-releases and posting them on the site.
  • Creating and conducting the blog of the company.
  • Creating the brand-society of the company on social networks, developing social media marketing.

The Website Design

As was already mentioned, all the methods that were discussed present the series of steps, which need to do for the realization of the successful campaign on the Internet. Consider how and what tasks each of these methods solves.

The website design

Firstly, a comprehensible and stylish website with a well-defined structure and convenient interface resolves some tasks at once. First of all, such websites appear on the key place more frequently than others. This raises the probability of the fact that the potential client visits them.

Secondly, for the users who attend the website for the first time and do not believe the company, the adequate website design helps to form consumer confidence.

Thirdly, the convenience of using the site works for customer retention.

Marketing Campaign

Due to these reasons, preparing for the realization of the marketing campaign on the Internet, foremost it is worth to pour cash and time into web-design.

One of the most successful examples of the web-design is the website “DisabledGo”. This resource presents information about different places in Great Britain and Ireland: restaurants, theatres, shops, railway stations, all the places which are acceptable for people with reduced capabilities. Marketers had a task to move the site to the new platform without losses. This was achieved by setting up hundreds of redirects from old URLs, debugging Google tools, transferring metadata, and restructuring the site. As a result, when transferring DisabledGO to the new platform, the site took a higher position in the search engine results, as well as attracted 21% more customers than the previous year.


Search engine optimization allows your resource to take the highest position on the search results page in response to demand from customers. It means that you need to choose some keywords which can be associated with your company and with its products. For that, you need to include such words in URL-address, texts on the pages of the website, captions, titles and navigation toolbar.

Why is it so important? The majority of users (more than 80%) search for information about necessity products on the internet before making a decision to buy them. At the same time, some people do not put themselves in some searching, so they attend the first websites which appear. Also, analytics notice that search engine optimization raises offline sales, particularly when users search for some products near them. SEO-expert Brain Dean used this optimization strategy for promoting his YouTube channel. Now, his video blog ranks first place in the search on the resource for requests.

Final words

After all, the web-marketing is a set of activities carried out by modern network methods, which are aimed at promoting brands and selling services and goods on the Internet. The web-marketing should be considered as an independent activity in the field of e-business.

At the heart of the web-marketing is the practice of using traditional marketing activities, but adapted to the needs of the Internet and the network user. Web marketing is characterized by the same elements as for offline business: availability of goods or services to be sold, price, place of sale and a set of promotion activities.

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