Every day, millions of pages of texts appear on the Web. Hundreds of thousands of people describe events and phenomena, write news and practical tutorials, interview, create blog posts, and write stories. The list can be continued indefinitely, but there is one thing that unites all these people - they all create text with a certain structure. In some cases, the structure is perceived easily by readers, while in others, it is more complicated. Today you will look at what kinds of text structure exist, and also answer the main question: how to write the text so that it is convenient to read and perceive.

What is text structure?

The text structure is the appropriate design of the material, which improves the perception and attractiveness of the text for the reader. In addition, the correct structure is an effective tool for promoting content, no less important than the keywords, and uniqueness.

The structure of the text may vary depending on the tasks and is determined by the author individually. Some authors choose the right structure, others on the contrary. As a result, some texts are easy to read: literally or diagonally, while others confuse the readers and immerse their minds in the chaos of misunderstanding.

What are the types of text structure?

Logical (sequence) structure

The logical structure inherent in practical guides, descriptions, articles, and so on. The peculiarity of such a structure is that fact that each subsequent paragraph follows from the previous one or is associated with it, directly or indirectly. This is convenient when you create texts that analyze something with subsequent conclusions.

For example, in this article, the previous paragraph describes where the logical structure is used, and this one gives an example of its use. The next paragraph will tell you about another type of structure, logically complementing its two ‘predecessors.’

Pyramid structure

The pyramid structure is suitable for news and press releases. It is based on the principle of an “inverted pyramid,” which requires the placement of basic information at the very beginning of the material and its subsequent development in detail.

The pyramid structure allows the user to immediately find out what the article is about and, if necessary, to find out more details. Moreover, if the user interrupts the reading, he has already grasped the basic idea.

FAQ structure

The FAQ structure is for interviews or frequently asked questions (website section). Each paragraph of such a structure is a question-answerer pair. Sometimes there is content with useful links which make it easier for the user to find the answer to his question given at the beginning of the text.

Commercial structure

Advertising and selling texts solve the problem of sale and promotion. They presuppose convincing to order a service, purchasing a product, calling, registering, etc. To achieve the desired result, most commercial texts are created based on the AIDA marketing model.

This model has four stages, on the basis of which the structure of the material is formed. It should be noted that the structure may not always be logical. In this context, the main thing is the end result, not aesthetics and consistency.

text structure

Combined structure

The combined structure of the texts is suitable for blogs. For example, if a blogger first describes an event using a pyramid structure, then he analyzes this event and shares his own thoughts, structuring the material sequentially.

In the case of using the combined structure, it is worth being particularly careful not to get the analysis mixed with the news. Otherwise, you get a chaotic structure.

Chaotic structure

This “structure” is not used in texts. That’s a result of unskillfulness of a writer. The text reminds you of a salad: an analysis with a commercial note, news with answers to some questions.

That’s the common mistake of all aspiring writers/copywriters/creators. Such structure frightens readers, preventing them from the perceiving the information completely

Is there a universal sample?

There is one common structure sample which you can use.

1. Title

It should be original and catching, short, but informative, reflecting the essence of the text.

The eye-catching headline attracts the target audience and prompts to read the material. In some cases, a provocative headline of a “viral” character is used, attracting a larger number of potential readers. The most important thing is that the name should reflect what is being discussed, and not deceive and mislead the audience.

2. Introductory paragraph

It should be motivating and persuasive.

The task of entry is to interest the reader. The introductory paragraph should briefly convey the content of the text and convince to read the text to the end. To write a good introductory part, you need to present the problems and needs of your audience and describe them in this paragraph.

3. The main part

It conveys the essence of the text.

The main part should fully disclose the subject matter and solve the problem described in the introductory paragraph. Formulate your thoughts in concise, but informative sentences. That is the right path to success.

Commercial structure

4. Final part

It depends on the purpose of your text.

How to complete the text? It all depends on the purpose you pursue by this text. If the information is commercial, then there should be a call-to-action (subscribe, call, place an order). A universal way of the conclusion is a brief conclusion to all the info in the text.

Nota Bene: It’s vital to format the text: split the text into paragraphs (one thought - one paragraph), subtitles, bold type, and italics, lists, pictures, GIFs and videos.


The text structure determines its success to a great extent. The structure is chosen for each text according to its purpose. The prime point is that a reader gets all the necessary information as easily as possible without putting too much effort and time into reading your masterpiece. In this case, the reader will be grateful, your karma will be clean, and your client will be satisfied. I hope this article will be useful for you! All the best!

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