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If you use Instagram actively, likely you've tried to put hashtags. Putting all the 30 allowed hashtags is not an easy task if you need to guess them without any research. I know how to simplify this process to 3 minutes of work – by using automated Hashtags Finder for Instagram. In this review, I'll point out some significant benefits of using this searcher and explain how to adjust search right.

As a result, you will get 3x higher posts views and attract like-minded users.

5 proofs the Hashtags Generator is effective

If you Google tools for searching hashtags, you'll find many options. Some of them are scammy; some of them are overpriced and not effective. Toolzu is a new service, which is free but outperforms competitors.

  1. Search hashtags in any language. This is a handy option if you aim to promote IG in foreign locations or internationally. You can dive into local hashtags trends and type keys using any alphabet.
  2. 12 mln hashtags database. The collection of hashtags is giant and is renewed on a regular basis. This also means that banned and spammy hashtags are deleted from the database as soon as Instagram restricts them.
  3. Useful hashtags groups. The results are classified on tree categories from the most competitive hashtags to rare and niche. This feature helps you to combine the working proportion of hashtags.
  4. Precise data on every hashtag. You can explore hashtags by taping on it. View the time your post is supposed to appear in the TOP section, likes count of average posts, best posts to estimate your competitiveness. Viewing the statistics is the right way to get insights on whether this hashtag boosts your promotion or not.
  5. AI-research by link and photo. You can find hashtags by keys or easier – by entering the URL to some post or an image itself. AI technology scans your image and suggests a variety of fitting hashtags.

How to use the Hashtags generator with maximum profit?

#1 Enter your keys

Enter your keys

Before typing the keys in the searcher, think over what words and prases correlate to your niche. These words can be attached to your product, area, audience interests, and location. Indicate up to 5 in a time dividing them with commas:

What some easier approach? Make use of AI-searcher and find hashtags using: a link to your post; an image from your device. Input this data to the Generator and receive your hashtags instantly!

#2 Mix them in a proper quantity

hashtags generator

The number and order of your hashtags influence the effectiveness and reach growth. Let me show you the winning formula:

High ( less than 3) + Medium (5-9) + Low (over 15) = 30 IG

We take a smaller number of High hashtags because they are too broad, spammy, and competitive. The research set must include narrow hashtags allowing you to appear in the TOP with a fewer number of likes.

#3 Generate 3-4 mixes

I should warn you that to gain followers via hashtags; you really need to experiment and test. That's why you need to change the order and renew your sets with newly discovered tags. You can examine numerous combos even under one image, just replace them within 24 hours.

Save the mixes of hashtags in a content plan or any document where you track your social media insights.

#4 Control the results

Measuring the hashtags effect is crucial – that's how you evaluate you should use this set or not. Open the IG in-build statistics under a post and view the Impressions section. Here you can find how many accounts reached your media through hashtags. Is this number impressive?

My final thought

Hashtags are capable of increasing the reach of Instagram posts organically. But you should use them wisely and strategically. I hope my guide will help to finetune your hashtagging tactics. And don't stop experimenting even if the first trial wasn't impressive. Stay tuned and try Toolzu searcher for the best results!

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