Internet Marketing & SEOI was having an Skype chat with someone about the site we both work on.

This person has an old-school marketing approach. He built and sold a successful off-line business. After he retired, he focused 100% on internet/email marketing and, by profit, is extremely successful. And when I say successful, I mean Six-Figures!

But he wants to scale it down the expenses he now has on email marketers and such. He is working very hard for this money and is also spending a lot. Some of his marketing strategies, especially Facebook, isn’t very effective.

He is used to throwing out offer after offer. I am trying to show him how internet marketing and having a blog is all about building relationships. At the end, explain the off-site SEO that I am doing ties in and how it all comes full circle.

It all started with me explaining that his Facebook marketing strategy probably isn’t very effective. All he would do is post an intro to a post on his site and then link to an affiliate offer.

The following segments are from my email following our Skype chat. I removed anything niche related so I wouldn’t reveal any targeted keywords.

Ineffective Facebook Marketing

I could probably search and find you a dozen articles about how direct sales on social media isn’t that lucrative. People are on there to be social. Sure they will buy periodically, but it is more likely when they are looking or they were thinking of possibly opening their wallets because the introduction to the link intrigued them enough to get into that mentality.

Here is an example:

October 28-30 – Each day you posted an introduction to a post with a [niche product] affiliate link. Over those three days there were 20 clicks and not a single registration.

People are not looking to open up an account after reading the intro and clicking the link. But when you asked a question about what … people are looking forward to, you got comments.

That is what Social Media is about – being social. While we will be able to make some sales/conversions directly it is better used as a funnel and build a relationship with. As you know, people by from people. People want to belong.

How do we build relationships?

  1. Providing useful/wanted/needed content. Not sure what people want to read on the SpookyExpress? Ask them. You can make it a survey or just a direct question. Like I mentioned before, I asked my FB Page and was told they wanted write-ups on the upcoming games. They wanted insight.
  2. Comments – this can be either on FB or on the article of the site. The key here is to not to let it be a one-way conversation. We need to join in and also converse.
  3. Mailing list – Read any Internet Marketing (IM) blog. You must have an opt-in list. People that came to your site, found it interesting and useful enough to join your list and say, “Email me when you have have more to say.”

    This doesn’t mean to email them directly and market via an affiliate link. It is let them know when you post something interesting, which actually could be a special offer. But you don’t want to just send marketing email after marketing email. People receive so much email every day saying buy this and buy they, they will just unsubscribe. BUT if you provide value, they will open your email and read it, and most likely click the link to read the article because they know that you don’t hammer them with offer after offer asking them to spend money.

People are not dumb, they know the sender is making money on the offers. A passive approach helps build a relationship and credibility has them allows them think they deciding to buy/register/open an account on their own accord.

Sure this isn’t easy. But I am not afraid of some hard work. At the end of the day content is KING! We need quality content that people want to read that is updated regularly, which Google loves. That content needs to be passed along to subscribers, followers and FB Page Likers.

What About SEO?

How does this all tie into SEO? Well, like I mention Google loves sites that are regularly updated. Also, if the posts are [niche topic] related posts, they will contain certain niche-specific keywords, which can be linked to other content, which can actually help with the rankings.

Think about having a season full of [Topic 1] and [Topic 2] posts interlinking to the [Topic 1] and [Topic 2]l tag-pages. That (helps) sites get ranked and earn search engine traffic. A percentage of those people end up subscribing to the mailing list, Like the FB page, Follow on Twitter, etc. Then they receive regular updates along with periodical offers.

It is can continuous cycle.

Another example. [Niche topic] article will most likely mention the keywords [SEO targeted KY 1], [ SEO targeted KY 2] or a particular product like [niche related affiliate product/service]. If those KY’s link to either the [Targeted KY 1 or 2] Review page or [niche related affiliate product/service] Review Page, that on-site SEO will help with ranking for those terms and will only help boost the off-site SEO I am doing for those terms.

As you see, there is a lot involved, but I know we can easily handle the Social Media, Email list, on-site and off-site SEO and some of the content. What we really need help with is [regular niche specific] articles. (This discussion came about hiring a writer)

Final Thoughts

I think this email shows how I believe SEO is only part of an overall, long-term internet marketing plan. Truth is, as you build a brand, it is quite possible that your site will requires less off-site SEO, which allows you to focus on other aspects of your business.

Honestly, that is what I strive for in my SEO strategy. Build a nice foundation to get a site going with the hope and intentions that much of the off-site SEO can slow decrease overtime, or, depending on the niche, become organic on it’s own. Hopefully, you would only do some off-site SEO when marketing a new product launch or update or if your affiliate product review pages slip a bit in the SERPs.

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