google-is-wrong-about-SEOIf you are an internet marketer you already know that Google does not like it if you build links in any way to influence their search rankings. They call it unethical, blackhat SEO.

It isn’t unethical as much as it is proving the vulnerability of big, bad Google’s heart and soul: its search algorithm.

Google tells us site owners and marketers that we should concentrate on providing quality content that people will want link to, which will drive traffic and awareness of your site or brand.

This is complete bullshit and Google is completely wrong.

I cut my teeth in a relatively competitive niche, sports betting. My main site is still in the niche and I consider it my baby.

Now my site isn’t the typical shitty site offering free picks and promoting every betting site under the sun with the intention of making me as much money as possible without offering my visitors zero benefits. I actually post useful, and free, betting tips and strategies, offer a free video betting course and some extra bonuses if you decide to open an account with one of the few sites that I promote as an affiliate.

You see, I wanted to be different. I understand that many people’s sites in my niche are unscrupulous and just there to make a buck. But even with quality content, most people in my niche won’t link to my articles, infographics, etc even if they find it useful. Well they will but it would cost me an arm and a leg.

The truth is that people don’t like promoting “competitors” sites in my niche. I don’t know why, but they simply don’t do it.

So how do I get my site out there and make an impression?

Search Engine Marketing

I think search engine optimization is an misnomer. Unless you are simply building links with crappy spun articles without your audience in mind while using an over abundance of targeted keywords, you will be found and probably slapped by the next animal released from the Google Zoo.

While most people call what I do SEO, I look at it more as a marketing campaign and call it a form of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

What differentiates me from the blackhatters? I am building islands of useful content that market my main site where these islands are also a source to the visitors whether they click a link to my main site or not.

I don’t see any difference to this than any brick or mortar store advertising in the phone book (does anyone still use them?), on restaurant menus, on billboards, in commercials on T.V. or anywhere else. A real business tries to position themselves in the best spots for maximum exposure.

While Google calls manipulating their results a crime that is worth a penalty, it is actually simple marketing. After all, isn’t marketing the art of manipulating your audiences thoughts, practices or beliefs that your product or service is what they need?

Google Knows They Are Wrong

I can’t prove that Google knows they are wrong. I like to think that at the very least that maybe they know that there is a limit to their algorithm and they allow some search engine marketing fly under the radar. What I mean by this is that there is a fine line between blackhat SEO and quality Search Engine Marketing.

I will be posting more about my SEM, but the basis is to build a quality network of relevant sites that can stand on their own and don’t simply look like they are for links. After all, the best links you can get are from other authority sites. And if your network contains authority, it could be used not only for links but also as a revenue stream.

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