We all know how important it is to build our lists.

It is so important that we spend good money for an email marketing service, spend hours creating a quality free product to entice visitors to become subscribers and spend even more time creating an autoresponder sequence and broadcast messages to keep in touch with our subscribers.

When it comes to trying to get your Kindle reader to opt-in to your email list, you can do it two different fashions.

The Usual Approach

The first way to promote your list is the simplest. You provide a link within your book to your website or squeeze page for your regular mailing list.

To entice your readers to visit your website, you must provide them with a reason to click the link or type in your domain name the next time they are on the computer.  It can easily be a statement that they can receive a free course by visiting your website.

The problem with this approach is that the free product that you are providing to your subscribers might not be targeted or unique enough to pique your Kindle readers’ interest.

A Better Option

A better option is to have two separate lists: one for subscribers that come to your site from the internet and another for those who purchased your Kindle Book.

The lists could even have exactly the same autoresponder sequence and you can send them the same broadcast messages. The difference would be the giveaway itself.

Instead of offering the same product that you are offering on your website, you can create a unique product only for your Kindle readers.

Here are a few ideas of unique products that you can offer to your Kindle readers:

  • A missing or special chapter – Remove or write a chapter that isn’t in your book. It shouldn’t be an integral part of your book, after all your readers are paying for their book.
  • A video course – There are multiple ways to use this option. You could make a video on how to use a certain product that you mention in your book. Or you can have a video review of that product.  One more idea is a video explaining a certain strategy or topic in more detail.
  • An entirely new product – This could be a new guide that you create solely for your Kindle readers.
  • A sample of your product – If you have your own product, you could provide a free sample of it. It could be a couple chapters if it is an ebook, one or two videos of a course, or a free sample membership that expires in a few days or has limited access to your content.

Another Reason for Two Lists

It makes even more sense to have two lists because you probably want to market to your Kindle readers a little different. After all, they are already qualified leads since they have made a purchase once already (your Kindle Book).

While you could use the same autoresponder sequence, you could also make it completely different to cater to this group. It would be interesting to see which list converts better when you promote the same offers to your Kinder reader and non-Kindle reader lists.

Think Outside of the Box

Think outside the box and you will get the best results. But you don’t want to come off as pushing or salesy. You need to have a unique offer that will hit home with your readers. The more original, the better the results will most likely be.

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  1. Leah4sci says:

    Thank you for this post, I found it quite useful and took notes so that I can implement the dual list idea perhaps with a promo-video series followed by membership upsel :)

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