social-media-marketingSometimes company owners hate to hear about Social Media Marketing.  They assume that social networks can't attract the attention of real clients. They also believe that SMM can never help sales. It’s just a time-consuming source of fun pictures. Nowadays popularity of social networks is high; that’s why all marketers pay attention to SNS. They are considered to be a new way for the promo of companies and brands. I assure you, SMM is a powerful and successful tool for internet marketing. You can attract new clients, find new partners, do collaborations, improve brand fame and awareness and make people like you!

Today SMM allows building close and warm relationships with potential clients and gain their trust. You can even create your fan base or a special kind of community. So it’s essential to attract users from all relevant social networks to your websites or shops, and create a space, that will be interesting to the target audience.

One of the most important things is to make your target audience, and potential customers base coherent and integrated. Avoid common mistake: don’t chase an incredible number of likes, attract and drag to your account potential customers and active users.

SMM tools

The best way to find your audience is to experiment with any Instagram Bot. Choose and change all settings and flourish with new ideas. Hard work will bring your results.

SMM is usually applied to different business spheres. In these categories of business, the usage of SMM tools will produce great results.

— small business; if you are a handmade artist or a photographer, you can quickly grow your Instagram account;

— B2B sector; you can raise the brand awareness of the company and keep track of loyalty of the company;

— IT sector. Make you a complicated product simple to the users, and they will pay you with their love and support.

Social media promotion (SMP) is a set of different methods that help to communicate with publicity via social web resources.

SMP allows meeting the interests of the target audience. Any specialist can choose only those SNS, that consist of people, that are interested in such information. So the right channels draw even more attention of potential clients to the brand’s goods or service.

Social media promotion

What attracts the attention of potential customers?

— non-advertising style of messages: the information that is transmitted in social networks from one user to another (to friends, relatives and so on) usually seems to be more right and looks like the personal recommendation of service/product or company.

— Using “word of mouth” to spread the information: the information is spreading from user to user without the help of the creator of advertising messages.

— Deep targeting: it’s an opportunity of highlighting the target audience, personalizing users, studying of real clients, their private and professional preferences, focusing on the advertising campaign in particular spheres.

— Interactivity: it’s an opportunity to react quickly to visitors’ questions and comments, keeping the dialogue going.

The most critical tasks in SMP are:

— Brands promos;

— Websites promotion and website traffic increase;

What are the tools that allow advertising via social media?

— Blogging;

— Communicating in the comments section, working at forums, and sending messages in different communities;

— Viral marketing.

— Scanning of positive and negative background;

— Media optimization.

It’s vitally important to know what tools to use. It always influences the efficiency of social networks promos.

Media optimization

Promos on social media is a dynamic process that's why you should always check the interests of your audience and follow new trends. Before even planning any promo, you should create an appropriate strategy. Usually, the full process will look like goals and tasks finding:

— Analysis of the current position of brands in social networks, analysis of competitors.

— Review of a brand’s target audience in social networks.

— Choosing key platforms for promotion.

— Visual content selection.

— The strategy of using paid tools.

— Analysis of statistics and reporting.

Every promotion has its peculiarities. There are several general moments, which are essential for any development:

— Choice of community’s format: page or group;

— The message of the community;

— Community page design;

— Promotion of community.

— Community management.

Promotion of community

It’s vitally important to study the efficiency of promos in social networks. The criteria for evaluation:

— The number of followers;

— Social media engagement and outreach;

— The number of page visitors;

— The number of interactions in the SNSs ("likes," comments, participation in promotion actions and competitions);

— The number of the target actions made by users (registration on the website, the transition to the page contacts, online consultation, a subscription to mailing);

— The number of sales.

The leading platforms:

The choice of social network for concrete business depends on what product or service is promoting and what target audience is.


This social network collects many business people, famous companies representatives. Facebook has many instruments to promote one’s brand like game applications, questionnaires, and gift applications.


It’s a place for fun and having lazy evening Friday nights. Beautiful photos of goods, information on discounts, different descriptions. Active feedback with users and daily news posting make Instagram promos productive.

Solid promotion in social media networks is a modern, fundamental and useful method of advertising on the Internet. Notably, the way applies to small business. Posts do not require a big budget and provide lots of potential and real customers. Plus the right choice of social network and a method of promotion will help to reach sales business success.

Hope you’ll find the info useful for your business. I wish you great development and incredible sales!

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