Once upon a time, I found myself with my brain fried, I wasn’t capable of producing a single sensible sentence, and the order for 2000 words wasn’t waiting till I find some muse. The despair was coming closer. Familiar situation? If yes, my friend-copywriter, this article is for you.

This article will be useful for those who write on the same topic for quite a long time and now are looking for some solutions or for those who what to know how to find your own style in writing and to avoid some obvious mistakes.

That’s a deadlock! Common copywriters difficulties

  1. Self-repetition
  2. If you work not the first week or month, you’ve probably noticed that you start to repeat yourself. You use the same words, phrases, and collocations, the same favorite idioms and similes. Eventually, it leads to the loss of semantic uniqueness of your texts. For readers, your articles become not informative and, consequently, lose any value.

  3. Topics selection issues
  4. It’s hard to come up with original headlines or reviews if it’s your twentieth piece of art on the topic. A copywriter gets locked into a vicious circle and offers the same topics for his or her client. The results of the query are filled with almost the same articles.

  5. The use of one scheme for all articles
  6. The author creates articles with the same structure: the problem description - a couple of solutions - the conclusion with call-to-action. Because of such an approach, you do not take into account the specifics of a website or product. They start to remind the schooltime essay written according to one scenario.

  7. Writing becomes routine
  8. The creation of articles is a creative process. Cliched texts do not bring any results. The specialist does not see any effects of work done and become disappointed. In the result, copywriter either stops creating original content and changes the niche or continues to churn out the rewrites.

Do you want your work to bring only joy? Do you want to write ease and with pleasure? Do you want your texts to be useful and readable? Try to apply the following advice practically!

writing inspiration

How to cope with stylistic and lexical mistakes?

  1. Regularly look through your old articles
  2. Every month or fortnight choose two of your old articles and read them with a fresh mind. When you write (especially if you write a lot), you stop noticing your mistakes. By rereading old articles, you can analyze your text more objectively, find some mistakes, and try to avoid them in the future.

  3. List your successful marketing techniques
  4. Create a folder with blocks of texts, the text headings, and the link to the cool articles that you liked. If you run out of ideas for the next text, you can find inspiration there, in your notebook. But be careful, do not overdo. Plagiarism is bad.

  5. Subscribe to blogs and agencies of professional copywriters
  6. Read articles on the topic of digital marketing, content marketing strategies, sign up for thematic forums or find others sources of relevant information. Track the news regarding your and related spheres. Thus, you always will be aware of the latest trends and will find interesting topics for your articles.

  7. Read more books
  8. Literature helps you to broaden your vocabulary and develop fantasy. As for professional marketing and copywriting literature provides you with ready tools. It helps you to develop your writing skills - storytelling, journalistic style, etc. All that will help you to find writing inspiration and to create texts easily.

How to come up with unique themes?

  1. Look through keywords
  2. Use Keyword Planner, or Yandex Wordstat or any other service for tracking key queries. Look at the real user requests and related key phrases to identify the needs of your target audience.

  3. Read forums
  4. Use these resources to find topics that interest people a lot. If a question is repeated from time to time and there is no qualified answer to it, therefore, your article with an explanation will be in demand. For example, before writing an article about evening dresses, I went to a portal where women discussed the choice of dresses for graduates. Moms tried to figure out what an ideal outfit should be for a girl of 17 years old. We studied the different opinions of fashion designers on this subject, gathered them together and developed an article entitled: “How to become the queen of a school ball: choosing a dress for prom.”

  5. Look for the inspiration on social media
  6. People love to create long posts on IG and FB. It may become your source of inspiration. Find interesting posts with the high number of responses and try to work with it according to a Skyscraper technique (if you do not know what it is, you are probably a newbie) Improve the article by defining its pros and cons and adding the info that wasn’t mentioned.

Copywriters deadlock

How to avoid deadlock?

  1. Think out the structure of the text
  2. Creating a precise plan is the first step in text production. Phrase what you are going to say and delineate some thesis, divide it into informative blocks, and imagine how it will look on the screen. That’s a good base for an article. It will be easier to write.

  3. Ask questions to online-consultant
  4. Sometimes the deadlock happens because of the lack of info on the topic. The managers’ answers will fill in the blanks and help to understand what advantages of the product they see. You will understand what to put emphasis on. It will ease the process.

  5. Write on behalf of different people
  6. Imagine that you have to write 20 articles on the tires topic. Try to write one article on behalf of a reserved lorry driver, the second one from the daddy of a huge family who drives a car every day. Let the third one be on behalf of a young woman working in the IT-sphere. That way you not only make your technical articles spicy, but you will analyze the requirements of particular TA.

  7. Try to explain the thought to a newbie
  8. If you can’t express your thought clearly, think about how you would explain the topic to your friends who have no clue about it. It helps to make things as clear as a bell, to describe the info in words understandable for non-professionals.

  9. Try to write something at least
  10. The acute problem of copywriters and content marketers is the troubles with the text start. Make a sketch of any ideas that come to mind. Fill the sheet with associations, re-read them, then structure. Thus, you highlight the useful properties of the product and immediately draw up a plan for the future text.

  11. Change your style
  12. In order not to become a hostage of your own style, I recommend setting yourself a stylistic and speech framework. For example, turn an article into a news bulletin or short detective story. Add 2 epithets for each noun or vice versa, destroy means of expression. Writing a text will be easier, and inaccuracies and style inconsistencies can be corrected at the editing stage.

  13. Take your mind off your core work
  14. Due to the constant tension, you stop thinking straight. It becomes difficult to express something in simple language. If you find it difficult to concentrate on the article, try temporarily switching to another task: go to the entertainment or news portal. I can assure you, this advice is very effective, it helps to fragment the task into parts and complete it gradually. But be careful, there is a risk of drowning in extraneous information and wasting time. In order to precisely manage your business, set a timer for 15-20 minutes. When time runs out, return to your task.

    wasting time

  15. Picture the portrait of your reader in your head
  16. Imagine for whom you write: how old is this person? What is his profession? What interests him? What problems does your text help him to solve? Address not to the abstract mass, but to your potential client. Then you will see the usefulness of your work and the writing process will begin to be fun again.

In whole, where to find creativity art ideas when you write the tenth article? Add colors to your workplace, create a playlist for a productive workday, eat some goodies - surround yourself with inspiration resources!

Keep in mind the image of your reader, use the techniques above while working, do not forget to have some rest, and then your texts will be freaking cool!

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