article spinningI know that there is a lot of debate whether spinning is good or bad. Whether it is acceptable SEO practice for backlinks and article marketing or not.

Some people believe spinning is bad – they believe anything automated is. But I look at spinning as a twist on syndicating your articles and thoughts. But these spun articles need to be pretty high quality that would induce people to click-through to my main site – even if the articles are being posted on tier 1 properties like my Private Blog Network.

In this post, I am going to tell you how I now perform all my spinning in-house in with two easy to use programs

  • Chimp Rewriter <—Click to get Lifetime Access for only $139
  • WordAI <—- Click to get the Turing Version of $49.95/month

Quality Spinning

The thing is that the spins must be of the highest quality possible. When I spin an article, I only use it on 5-10 of my tier 1 properties. Furthermore, I don’t place a link in each of the articles and also link to other authority sites as well for co-citation.

Here are some other tips for making quality spins.

  1. Spins must and UNIQUE & READABLE – Each spun article must be readable enough that it could product a click through – meaning a real person must find it both readable and interesting enough to click the link that is placed in the article.
  2. The article you spin should be your own work – Start with a seed article that you wrote yourself and spin that. I have used PLR articles as a base and rewrote to add my own thoughts. I have also scraped articles for an ideal file. This is a file of articles that I go to when I need a topic to write about. After reading an article from this file, I will write my own on the same or similar topic. I usually try to give it a new twist to ensure the article is unique.
  3. Spin the first sentence and paragraph a couple of times – Before I am finished with my spin, I try and make sure each spin will begin differently by either spinning the first sentence multiple times or the even the first paragraph. There are times that I will simply remove the first paragraph of the article if it will still make sense without it.

Outsource or In-House?

About a year or so ago, I found a service that would do manual spins called Article Content Spinners. These spins were very high quality and it was obvious that they were done manually because of the quality and readability. However, the cost got to me after a while. It wasn’t an exorbitant amount – about $20-$25 for very high quality spin of a 400-500 word article.

Then I tried finding a spinner on Odesk. I did find a good spinner for half the price, but I really wanted to try cut my costs done more and did by doing it in-house.

The problem with spinning articles manually is that it takes time – and time costs money!

When I first started spinning articles, it would take me 2-3 hours. That is why I started outsourcing the task. However, after discovering Chimp Rewriter along with WordAI, I have cut my spinning down to 30 minutes to an hour.

The Best Spinner – IMO

I have used many spinners/rewriters in my time. I started out with one of the most popular, The Best Spinner, but I found it clumsy and it took me hours to perform a quality spin. I also tried Spinner Chief, but I didn’t find it any better than The Best Spinner.

Smartest article rewriter everIn early 2013 I was referred to Chimp Rewriter. I think I purchased it right away as I found a good price and needed it right away. At the time, I was simply spinning titles, keywords and such for my Ultimate Demon campaigns. I was still having trouble decreasing the amount of time it took me to manually spin a single article.

Until a couple of months ago…..

I revisited my spinning practice and decided to check out a product that I had heard about a few months back – WordAI. If you never heard of it, it is a web-based spinning service that uses artificial intelligence to understand your sentences before spinning it in a logical way. WordAI not only changes the structure of the sentence but will also leave out a sentence or paragraph if it makes sense to do so.

wordai-logoWhile I was on my trial  of WordAI, I discovered that it recently became compatible with Chimp Rewriter. This made both programs that much more powerful and was a possible solution to my manual spinning issues.

Instead of writing more of a review of these two products, I recorded a video review of me using Chimp Rewriter with WordAI integrated.

As you see in the video above, Chimp Rewriter isn’t automatic solution, but it did decrease my spinning time to about 30 minutes to an hour. I still find it necessary to edit the article more and add more depth to the spin to ensure the quality of the uniqueness.

Why Do I find Chimp Rewrite to be the Best Spinner?

  1. It’s design is intuitive and easy to use
  2. It Integrates with WordAI to make quality spinning even better and faster!
  3. It will drip publish posts to my WordPress powered Private Blog Network.
  4. It has one-time cost of $137, instead of a yearly subscription like The Best Spinner.
  5. It has even more features that I have yet to use!

How Can You Get Chimp Rewrite and WordaI?

I truly find both these product extremely powerful and useful for my own SEO that I promote them here on my blog. Considering I only promote products that I use or have used in the past, you know they are top quality.

Before I end this post, here is another video of using Chimp Rewriter and WordAI to spin titles for an article.

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  1. Winston says:

    Hey Brad,

    Came here from reading your comments at Jon Haver’s site. I was wondering if you had a guide or ‘to-do list’ for onsite SEO?


    • Brad Gerlach says:

      Hey Winston, thanks for checking out the site. I will have a checklist coming up. I am actually in the process of building a new site to go with my consulting business and will have a post about on-stie SEO after it is up and going.

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