how to build a private blog networkWe all know that we need backlinks to our sites. And there are many tools that can be used to help up with this task, as well as services. But, after Penguin 2.1, we need to be thinking even more about quality as well as control. My own private blog network is part of my long-term strategy.

The characteristics that I strive for the most when building links is QUALITY, CONTROL and CO-CITATION.

The truth is that SEO and link building has changed over the last two years. Google has been adamant on this and the only way to stay for the long-term is to evolve and invest for the future.

I will address the control and co-citation aspects of my SEO campaigns in another post, this post is about building a network of QUALITY sites that can obtain authority status in the future.

Domain Age

I will quickly address this topic because it is very much a hot topic.

The truth is there is only two ways that you can acquire a domain with some age.

First, you can age it yourself by building a quality site and developing it. Over time its age will obviously increase. The second way to have a site with a domain that has some miles on it is to purchase an aged domain name or even an entire site.

What is best? Well it seems that the latter would be best in the short-term.

The question is to what degree?

I really don’t have the answer to that. But since I am investing and building this network for the future, I am not too worried about domain age. I know it will come in a matter of time, and I have previously ranked a year old or younger site for particular revenue producing keywords.

Besides, if you slowly build a network of five sites, depending on your speed and availability to actually work on them, it could take you a year or so to complete it. This blueprint means that your oldest domains would be 3 years old by the time you have a 15 site network.

Remember, developing your own private network isn’t easy work. It will take time because each of these sites should be quality sites that can stand alone on their own.

Designing Your Blog Network

Your network needs to be relevant to the niche of your money site. What I try to do is think of some sub-niches.

My main focus is in the sports betting niche, which is actually a sub-niche of Online Gambling or Online Gaming. So my network could consist of sites on such topics as Online Poker, Bingo, Sports Betting Picks, Betting Tips, Betting Product Reviews, Fantasy Sports, etc.

Since the sites within your network are yours and not really competing sites, a few of these sites can be in the exact same sub-niche as yours. I wouldn’t make the entire network like this, one in a network of five isn’t that bad.

Monetizing your Network

This is something that most people don’t think about when designing their own private network. They are simply thinking of backlinks.

Today’s SEO can’t be selfish, in fact my design only allows for 25% all all links to be self serving – but that is a discussion for another post.

Back to making money with your network…

Since you are focusing your network on sub-niches and working on building these sites to somewhat authoritative, it stands a chance that these sites will obtain search traffic. Why not try to earn from this traffic at this level instead of hoping they click a link to your site?

Using my examples of online gambling sub-niches, I could set up a Product Review site which reviews a number of ClickBank products and includes my affiliate links.

You could even add a mailing list to all to a few of these sites. You can market them separately or send an email to all your lists when you send out an email from your main list (I recommend and use AWeber for list building and email marketing).

If you are putting the time into monetizing each of the sites in your network, you can probably see how setting up a five site network might take a year depending on how much time and resources you have to do this.

Isn’t Setting Up a Network Expensive?

The short answer is no, not at.

I know what you are saying, but you need separate hosting, different Class IP addresses.

That is all true, but I have found a pretty inexpensive way to do this. My current network of five sites costs me $60 a year!

Each of these sites have different IP addresses and are hosted in multiple countries.

How do I do this? I use’s SEO Hosting Service.

While these are shared servers, that is fine for my network sites. I don’t expect them to get so much traffic that I require a dedicated server. And if the site does get super popular and requires a dedicated server, well I should be earning enough from just this site to afford it because it is monetized. offers SEO plans from five to 30 IP addresses. A network of 30 sites would include 30 Class C IP’s, out of which 10 would be Class A IP’s, would start at only $45 per month. Considering what you probably already pay for hosting for your money site, I am sure you can see how cheap this is for 30 sites!

If you really wanted to, you could even host your money site one of the servers of your network. I don’t currently do this, but it is a possibility.

Are You Ready for Your Own Private Blog Network?

As you can probably see from just this post, my SEO design is much different than many people’s, but it is also quite cost-efficient considering what I am doing.

So are you ready to make your own private network? If so, click here to check out for your hosting.

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