SEO Backlinking post Penguin 2.1Many website owners have the wrong view of SEO.

After learning about SEO they simply want to build links without really understanding about the changes that Google has been implementing.

Everything is connected: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. Without taking all of this into consideration, your SEO plan is dead in the water.

Now that Google has shaken up the pot again with their Penguin 2.1 algorithm update, it is more important than ever to think long and hard before beginning a SEO plan.

In fact, you might need to stop your current SEO plan and start all over from scratch.

SEO Foundation

All sites need a SEO foundation; especially new sites or sites with little or no internet presence.

First you must make sure that your on-site SEO structure is complete. For me this includes custom category and tag pages (something I am still working on with this site) and proper interlinking between pages and posts.

The best example of interlinking pages is Wikipedia. When you read an entry on their website, you will notice all kinds of links pointing to relevant pages. The key is to link to a relevant page!

After your on-site SEO is complete, you can focus on off-site SEO which includes link building.

Off-Site SEO

The most common way of doing this is using services and buying links. You really need to be careful with this though.

Again, think of relevance…..authority.

Having a bunch of links on Web 2.0 sites (free blogs like Blogger and with a single post with a link to your site like many services on the most popular SEO and blackhat forums isn’t going to do it.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t use Web 2.0 properties as part of your linking campaign, I do all the time. What I am saying is that you need to develop them just like you would a website with multiple posts.

Proper Tier 1 Backlinks

Your backlinking campaign isn’t a set it and forget it strategy. Post must be continually added but they can’t all link to your site. What you really should do is post some articles without links as well as to other relevant, non-competing websites – like a real website would.

The property in which you get links from really isn’t as important as long as it is high quality and relevant to your niche. Personally, I use a combination of Web 2.0’s, wiki posts, some article directories as well as my own private network. From time to time I will also get links from articles on other sites within my niche.

Quality Tier 2 Backlinks

These primary links are are considered first tier links, or tier 1. But they need love too, and you must have links being built to them.

The old mentality is to build some tier 1 links and then a bunch of tier 2 links with some garbage spun content. While spinning isn’t an issue if it is spun well, the real problem with this strategy is that once the initial tier 2 links are built, the tier 1 links don’t receive anymore love.

Instead of focusing on building more tier 1 links, it might now be more beneficial to continually build tier 2 links to those tier 1 links for authority sake.

There is a number ways to do this including the same way you build your tier one links. Again, these links need to be quality and there usually isn’t anything better than links from other niche relevant websites.

My New SEO Strategy

The SEO mentality is changing. Depending on your niche and strategy it can also get expensive. I am working on a new, cost effective strategy in the wake of Penguin 2.1.

This strategy includes everything I mentioned above, but with the help of some tools and automation. After I get a better idea of how my strategy is working, I will post more about it.

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