The internet is littered with SEO blogs. And many of them rehash the same information. It almost seems that many bloggers learn how-to the strategies from one person and then set up a site about and target a new audience with that freshly learned traffic.

Profitable Self SEO takes a completely fresh view of doing your own SEO for your  online business. Instead of fighting day and night for traffic to your site, I like to perform varying SEO tasks that stand out on their own but are also interlinked with a common goal: To Grow Your Online Business.

Who is Brad Gerlach?

A few quick facts

  • I have been a respiratory therapist for 13 years and still practice full-time at a local hospital
  • I have been working on creating multiple revenue streams online for over a decade
  • I love craft beer!
  • I wrote my first book in 2004 and sold it online
  • My writing started with poetry in college
  • While I am gainfully employed today, I seriously started working online to build a revenue stream after being laid off in January 2010
  • I love sushi
  • I don’t claim to know everything about SEO
  • I don’t believe in failing if you learn from it and correct your mistakes
  • I  married the love of my life September 22, 2012
  • I am still learning SEO

I where many hats in my professional life as respiratory therapist, author, entrepreneur, but I strive to make time for the ones I love. What is the sense of all of this if I can’t just sit back and enjoy life!

What is Profitable Self SEO?

I believe anyone can make some kind of living online. You just have to find your spot and strategy. I have always been interested in how websites get all those visitors, so I went out to learn exactly what are all these people’s secrets.

At Profitable Self SEO, my main focus is performing Self SEO. That is doing your own SEO, which includes article marketing, link building, video marketing, ebooks, etc

My goal for Profitable Self SEO is:

  • Teach you  how to do your own SEO that you can acheive a sustainable business and website.
  • Show you how to set up marketing channels that actually PAY YOU for marketing.
  • Show you how to effectively publish your own media to leverage the internet to build multiple revenue sources.
  • Stop you from wasting your time by highlighting the mistakes I have made.
  • To learn even more about SEO and further that information onto the visitors of Profitable Self SEO.
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