If you’re like many bloggers out there, you probably have a plethora of posts (or at least a list of future post) written on a specific topic or niche. Have you ever thought of publishing a Kindle Book?

Most authors publish books because that is what they do. They simply publish their books in hopes that people will buy their book.

The problem is that most Kindle authors don’t sell enough to make a living solely on their writings.  But that isn’t a reason not to publish your book.

There are plenty of reasons why you should write that book and publish it today. Here are my reasons. They might not be exactly “lucky”, but how else was I going to describe a list of 13?

13. It Is Simple to Do

Publishing a Kindle Book is truly simple to do. If you can write a Word document and save it, you can publish a Kindle Book. Click here to check out my YouTube video showing how easy it is to publish a Kindle Book.

12. To Become a Publish Author

Many of us are bloggers, entrepreneurs, business owners, but, after you publish your book, you can add author to your list of titles. How many of your friends or family members can say that?

11. Why Not?

Seriously, why not?

You already write blog posts, guest posts and podcast scripts. You have already designed and launched your latest product, and you send out 30 Tweets a day.

Would it be that much harder to put all that creativity into a kickass book?

10. Fulfill a Personal Goal

This was one of the reasons why I published my first book. Even though it was under a pen name, I fulfilled a goal of knowing I was a published author. I published my first book under my real name a year later, Publishing for Profit: The Online Blueprint for Maximum Profits.

If you don’t have this goal yet, put it on your list and start working towards it.

9. Your Kindle Book can Easily be Made Into a Physical Book

If you aren’t quite satisfied with only a Kindle book, you can easily convert it into a physical book.  I haven’t done this yet, but it is another goal of mine.

8. Amazon Dominates the eReader and eBook Markets

Sure there are other outlets that you can publish for such as Barnes and Nobles’ and Apple’s iBookstore (and I fully plan on expanding my distribution out to them). But according to a 2011 Bloomberg.com article, Amazon accounted for 58% of the all ebook sales while the Kindle controls 67% of the ereader market.

Now that is what I call a market share.

7. Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

I know what you are saying. You are that good of a writer to publish a book. So what!

I am far from ever winning a Pulitzer Prize. But I sat down, organized my thoughts and put them to paper (err..computer screen).

Step out of your comfort zone and try something different. As long as you can write coherently and your message makes sense, you will get some leeway. Besides, you could always either pay for copyediting or have friends and family edit your manuscript.

6. You can Get Yourself a Nifty Amazon Author Page

Ok, so maybe it’s not the next Facebook, but your Amazon Author page is another outlet for people to find you and your blog.

Click here to check out my Amazon Author page. As you will notice, my recent blog posts and Tweets are all on my page. Pretty nifty huh?

5. Become an Authority

Let’s face it, people look at authors in a different light. After all, if you wrote a book on the subject, you have to know a good bit about it.

Having a published book can help your authority level in your niche.

4. Get Your Message Out

As I mentioned in #8, Amazon dominates the market. Your book has the potential to spread your message to people that would never have found your website, which leads me to…

3. It is Paying Marketing

Having a Kindle Book is the opposite of paid marketing. In fact, Amazon pays you.

Each book you sell not only increases your exposure, but, since you are being paid for each sale, you are getting paid to market your website, product and offers. You can’t beat that can you?

2. Build a New Revenue Stream

If you find the right niche and write a book that answers peoples’ questions and needs, your books can be a separate revenue stream.

How much you can earn depends on your book’s price, niche and message. But it doesn’t cost you anything to publish your book, so what do you have to lose?

1.  To Help Others

The success of your book depends on you writing a book that will answer people’s problems. If you can help people solve a problem or meet a personal goal, your book should be successful. And what is better than making money while helping others succeed?

Have you published a book yet? If so, was one of the above on your list of reasons? Or did you have other motivation?

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